Monday, October 15, 2012

Fleck and Roberts beat Obama and Romney!

Dear readers -- just a note from me, in case you didn't read my fall ticket preview.  If you know me you know I'm a political junkie -- it takes a whole lot to get me to miss the Second Presidential Debate tomorrow night.  But I'm too psyched about the fabulous Bela Fleck with the Marcus Roberts trio, at Overture’s Capitol Theater, to stay home. It’s hard to imagine Fleck without Victor Wooten and Futureman, but this collaboration cooks.  The unexpected quartet put out an album on Rounder,Across the Imaginary Divide, this spring, and it was on the jazz fest circuit all summer.  Fleck’s indescribable jazzgrass banjo and Marcus’ two-fisted, honed-in-the-black-church piano style, steeped in the history of the music and polished in the classical canon, simply synch. Marcus’ regular trio’s filled out by a pair of hard-hitting, impeccable players – Jason Marsalis, the youngest member of the Marsalis dynasty, on drums, and Florida-based jazz educator Rodney Jordan on bass.  It’s a gorgeous new groove. Miss it at your own risk!
                                                                                                       -------- Susan Kepecs

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