Monday, October 4, 2010

A Question for You, Readers!

Dear Readers,
Today there should be a review of Ballet Hispanico in this space.  Having written a preview that was simultaneously cautious and hopeful, I was looking forward to seeing whether the concert matched my somewhat mixed expectations, or not.  But due to circumstances beyond my control – I was sick! – I missed the show.  So I hope you’ll fill me in.  I’d love to get your critical opinion.  Was it a wonderful concert?  Or not quite what you hoped for?  Which piece did you like best, and why?  Were the dancers as beautifully trained as you’d expect for a major New York company?  Do you look forward to seeing Ballet Hispanico again?  I really want to know.  The comments box, below, is just waiting for you!  Many thanks in advance for your input,
Susan Kepecs


kgroose said...

I was very excited to see the first show in the Union Theater after Madison World Music Festival. At first, I was afraid the show was not going to be what I expected, but as an avid theater lover, I knew that I could expect more after the intermission. When the first piece, "Tres Cantos" began, I was slightly surprised, as the performance wasn't what I was expecting. However, the story was well told and performed by the dancers. After intermission, "Club Havana" was the latin-infused ballet that I was hoping for. The choreography also had a comedic aspect that the dancers portrayed and the audience reacted positively to it. I would like to see Ballet Hispanico again, but I am excited to see what other dance options will come to the Union Theater stage.

Susan Kepecs said...

Thanks for pitching in. It's very helpful to know what readers think, and all the more so because I previewed this show an then missed seeing it. Please keep reading and commenting!